Growing a Back To Eden Garden with Wood Chips


John from goes on a field trip to his friends Paul’s place who is growing an organic garden of eden in his backyard using wood chips.

You will discover how Paul is using Wood Chips and Manure to build the soil and feed the plants instead of using chemical fertilizers.

First, John will share neighboorhood homes and how most people simply do not value growing food. Next, John will give show you the front yard of Paul’s place to show you the difference just a few fruit trees can make. You will also discover the pile of wood chips, and how this free fertilzer source can build your soil and feed your plants valuable nutrition that is desperately needed in the South Florida soil that lacks in organic matter.

Next, John will give you a tour of the fruit trees, vining crops and vegetable garden that Paul is growing in his backyard. John will share one unique vining crop that produces highly pigmented, antioxidant rich fruits that are usually not eaten and grows like a weed in South Florida.

John will then specifically share why Paul is growing certain fruit trees in certain areas and why Paul choose the trees he did. You will discover the irrigation system that Paul is using to water his trees instead of doing it himself.

John will then share with Paul what he would do to take this garden to the next level, and further develop it into an even more bountiful and productive urban homestead.

Finally, John will interview Paul where he will answer the following questions:

40:34 Start of Interview with Paul Nison
40:44 Why did you decide to grow your food?
42:13 How important is it to grow a garden for your family?
44:28 Why did you choose the specific fruit trees to grow?
47:18 How do you deal with Pests Organically in South Florida?
50:05 What about putting in a well for water for irrigation?
51:26 Have you sprayed you trees with anything?
53:40 Who really is behind your fruit tree orchard and garden?
54:44 How to Chickens and Goats fit into Homesteading?
55:56 How much Meat and Animal products are healthy?
59:51 Any last comments to my viewers?

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