Grow Your Own Chillies – Part 1


Grow Your Own Chilli Kit


3 Terracotta Pots,3 types Chilli Seeds and compost.

Hungarian Wax Chilli (5000- 10000 Scoville)
Firecracker Chilli (30000- 50000 Scoville)
Habanero Chilli (100000- 350000 Scoville)

Instructions For Use.
Fill 80% of each pot with compost and moisten. Space 7-8 seeds by variety in each pot, cover with a very thin layer of compost and moisten. save surplus seeds for future use. Move to warm, well-lit area but full sunshine will dry out compost rapidly. The compost must be kept moist at all times, never being allowed to dry out. Put the strongest seedlings into larger pots and then either continue to grow indoors, or on the patio once the risk of frost has passed.

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