Grow Mushrooms in a Plastic Tote & More Vendors at the 2014 Heirloom Expo


John from shares with you his favorite vendors at the 2014 National Heirloom Expo. In this episode you will learn about the following vendors:

01:38 Magnation Water Technologies – makes water wetter for more plant growth.

05:09 Mushroom Adventures – Grow your own mushrooms at home! No green thumb required!

07:35 Sonoma Compost – Organic Compost in Bay Area

09:05 Mountain Feed and Farm Supply – Products to ferment your food and farms supplies.

11:25 Lily Films – Symphony of the Soil Film – Best film to learn about the importance of the soil on earth

12:23 Viridis Aquaponics – Commercial Aquaponic Farmer using Catfish that are more tolerant of weather conditions

14:13 Ploughshares Nursery – Rare and Perennial Edible Plants from around the world. Grown in Alameda.

20:51 Sea-Agri Inc – Sea-90 Ocean based trace mineral nutrient to grow more nutritious food.

21:37 Boogie Brew – Veeganic Compost Teas, Insect Frass and Special Package Deal

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