GROW GARLIC CHIVES My New Favorite Herb (Culinary Secret!)


Learn to grow garlic chives, my new favorite herb and you’ll have a culinary secret that most people don’t have! Most people know about regular chives and they taste great. But if you’re a garlic lover or just want a different garlicy taste, check out CHINESE GARLIC CHIVES!

My favorite way to cook with them besides clipping them in salads is to add them to my homemade salad dressings. You have to taste them to understand why I grow them.

Once you save your seeds or buy seedlings, you can grow garlic chives easily in the ground, in a container, a pot, in raised garden beds, on your window sill in your kitchen. It’s so easy to grow and so versatile.

Oh, and it’s a perennial plant, so you’ll plant it once andit will come up every year! The seeds fall out easily and replant as well for future new plants.


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Other names for garlic chives:
Chinese chives
Oriental garlic
Chinese leek


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GROW GARLIC CHIVES My New Favorite Herb (Culinary Secret!)


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GROW GARLIC CHIVES My New Favorite Herb (Culinary Secret!)

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