Grow an Edible Biodiversity Perennial Garden with Organic Plants


John from goes on a field trip to OAEC, aka The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center to share with you a biodiversity of edible perennial and annual vegetables you can plant and grow from around the world in your garden.

In this episode, you will learn about the OAEC Certified Organic plant nursery and many of the perennial edible vegetables they offer. You will discover if John always purchases certified organic plant starts and if you should also… You will also learn about some of the more rare and unknown wild vegetables as well as rare edible tubers, leafy green vegetables and herbs.

This episode provides a wealth of knowledge in just 20 minutes of time to learn about many unknown and rare vegetables originally sourced outside the USA. All these plants are naturally grown, GMO-FREE, and certified organic.

You will see example specimens of many of these plants as well as many you can purchase.

Learn more about OAEC and its plant sales at:

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