Greenhouse mini cucumbers


These mini cucumber plants have been grown in a 50-50% (v/v) blend of Growstones and Coco coir in 14 L upright bags in a glass greenhouse in Imuris, Mexico. Plant development and yields will be compared with those from plants growing in 8 L coco bags. The experienced grower tells us about these plants and how they account for daily water consumption, EC and pH.
These baby plants were transplanted into the bags 6 days ago. First harvest is excepted in 3 weeks.

Aside from yields, there are two expectations from the use of Growstones in the blend – one is that the soluble silica released by the Growstones will lead to increased fruit skin thickness with a positive effect on shelf life. Second expectation is that the GS-coco blend, being 30% drier than 100% coco, will lead to a slight earlier onset of harvest. These plants have a very short season generally of about 10-13 production weeks, so a few more days in production would make a difference in total yields.

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