FREE Plants and Seeds!!!


This video will show you how you can get a chance to get your hands on my Contest Prize, I made a video a while a go but now as I have many more followers I think it’s time to tell you again, it is simple to enter, just post a video response to this video: with a gardening project that you’ve done or a experiment that you have completed or completing or about to do, the video response can be any length in time and you get 2 entries, end’s 27th of October 2012 you also should:

*be subscribed to me on YouTube
*Spread the word via social networks, telling friends and family and if you make a video about it you will get a thank you shout out.

**Prizes are bare rooted plants, including a grape vine, redcurrant and other soft fruit. If your country or state has regulations on sending plants you will receive some quality gardening tools and hopefully some gardening books or money towards your Garden.
**I’m able to ship internationally

Check out this video for more information:

And these Great Channels:

Good Luck!

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