Filling My Raised Bed Garden with Soil & Compost in Las Vegas


John from shares with you his plight of finding the best soil to fill his new raised bed garden with.

In this episode, John will discuss the importance of the soil that you fill your raised beds with and then go to a local soil company ViraGrow to share some of the products and bulk soil products that are available there.

John will then share some of his thoughts on the pros and cons of the soil available at Viragrow and make a decision on the best soil that currently available.

John will then share all the different soil amendments he will be adding to this new bulk soil and finally get the amendments mixed into his soil mix and the soil delivered.

Finally John will share his thoughts on his new raised bed gardening soil and some suggestions for you when choosing the best soil to fill your raised beds with.

Resources from this video:

for purchasing bulk soil

for purchasing the Worm Gold Plus Worm Castings

IFA Farm store for micronized Azomite Rock Dust

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