Feeding the World with Edible Landscaping and Native Plants


John from visits his friends place in South Florida who is feeding the world with edible landscaping and native plants one property at a time.

In this episode, John visits the home of Susan Lerner who is growing food not only for her, but also the many creatures of the world on her residential property. You will also discover how Susan is building soil by using wood chips to add organic matter to her property and feed the world of microbes as well.

In this episode, John will give you a tour of the edible landscaping (in the form of fruit trees) as well as some native edible plants that Susan grows for her own use. John will also touch on how important it is to plant native crops that have been removed due to development.

You will discover many edible fruit trees, perennial vegetables and some annual vegetables and herbs that will grow well in South Florida. You will also discover some of the native plants that Susan grows and why.

You will also discover the one tropical edible plant that John believes everyone in South Florida should grow that Susan can’t keep pruned because it grows so quickly and provides her food 365 days a year with little maintenance.

Finally, John will interview, the steward of the land, Susan Lerner and find out why she is growing food for herself as well as the other local earthlings that she is sharing the land with. John will also ask Susan the following questions:
16:00 Interview Start
16:18 Why did you decide to grow food and natives on your property?
17:10 What are Earthlings?
18:15 What are your thoughts on Rock dust and adding trace minerals to your garden?
19:28 What are your thoughts on using Manure that may be contaminated?
20:18 Why are the wood chips the single most important fertilizer you lay down?
21:10 Is it really hard to grow food in South Florida?
21:45 What perennial vegetables are you growing?
22:49 How much time do you spend in the garden in a week?
25:02 How do you control pests organically in South Florida?
26:30 Why are you hanging plastic water bottles in your tree?
27:57 What are some Edible Native Plants of South florida?
30:37 What kind of Jackfruit did you grow and am I tasting?
31:50 What is the best place to get fruit trees in South Florida?
32:02 Any final words of wisdom for my viewers?

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