Family Transforms Weedy 1.5 Acre Lot into Fruitful Organic Farm


John from goes on a field trip to Blue Horizon Farm, a 1.5 acre farm that practices biointensive, organic and veganic growing techniques.

In this episode, you will learn how a family has converted 1.5 acres of grass, weeds and trash into a productive organic farm t hat produces 25% of the food the family eats and is growing to increase that number.

John will take you on a tour of this farm, sharing with you all the major areas of the farm including: Composting Area, Seed Starting Area, Fertilizer Area, Garden Bed Area, Fruit Tree Orchard, and much, much more.

You will discover how this family farm doesn’t use plastic to start its seeds to grow baby plant starts, but instead uses homemade wooden crates with a soil blocker.

You will also learn how this family makes it own fertilizer by using a special plant that they grow on site: confrey.

You will learn one of the best leafy green vegetables that should be grown in the hot summer season in South Florida.

You will discover why John is weary of produce that “looks too good” and what to do with your produce when it has bug holes and is imperfect.

Finally, John will sit down with Laura Sutton, one of the farmers and ask her questions about the farm such as:
Why did you decide to start the farm?
Why do you use comfrey tea?
Why did you choose not to grow animals on your farm?
Why are adding fermented foods to your diet important?
and much, much more

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