Elementary School Farm Teaches Kids and Feeds Community


John from goes on a field trip to M.E. Cunningham Elementary School in Austin, Texas to share with you a organic community farm that is on the school property that not only teaches kids about real food as well as other curriculum in the garden.

In this episode, John will give you a tour of the P.E.A.S. organic community farm and share with you some of the easiest edible plants you can grow in Austin, Texas with little upkeep.

You will also discover several ways to eat more of your kale as well as how you can make pasta noodles out of zucchini.

Next, you will learn how one of the teachers is teaching kids about pico de gallo and growing the plants so they can make their own.

Besides growing food, you will learn about two more sustainable practices that the the PEAS farm has also integrated to teach the kids about resiliency.

Finally, John will interview Lauren Maples, one of the founders and Executive Director of the PEAS Farm and learn why it is important to educate kids about where food comes from. You will also discover some hints and tips on how you can get your school growing a garden for the kids and community.

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