Effective Microorganisms Suppress Disease & Increase Yield on Your Crops


John from goes on a field trip to EM Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii to learn more about EM1 aka Effective Microorganisms. In this episode, you will learn what is Effective Microorganisms and why you may want to use them in your garden. You will discover this OMRI (organic) listed product that has a wide variety of applications from gardening, farming, composting, smell control, insect control, disease control and more. You will SEE John drink this natural and organic gardening product.

John will also share with you what makes EM1 unique over other microorganism or biologic products out there and why it is different than making your own compost tea or using IMO’s. You will also discover other uses of EM1 around your home, in your garden or at your farm.

You will discover how EM1 can help speed up the breakdown of food waste into nutrients for your garden and even help to clean up rivers, lakes, and ponds that have sludge and slime build up.

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of the EM1 product, and if it is something that you might want to use in your garden to be more effective.

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