Easy to Install AquaJet Irrigation System Review – Did it Work??


John from shares his experiences with the all-new subsoil high pressure irrigation system.

In this long awaited episode, John will share his opinions on this irrigation system and the problems he had. You will discover how and why John lost many of his plants due to this irrigation system. You will then learn how this has been corrected and see how the plants in his raised bed edible vegetable garden is doing now.

You will learn if John would favor a drip irrigation system or the easy to install aqua jet system instead and why.

You will also learn about using the optimal sprinkler timer control valve to get the most out of the aquajet system.

Watch the original Installation episode for the AquaJet Irrigation System

Watch the FAQ Video about how the Aquajet system works:

Learn more about the aquajet at

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