Easy to Grow Vegetables to Improve Health and Save Money & more Q&A


John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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02:53 How much trace minerals do you put in for container gardening?
06:23 What are the easiest vegetable to grow that will improve health and save the most money?
12:24 How are you able to travel to nurseries and farms all over the country?
16:56 What do you feel sets you apart as a successful and influential member of the gardening community?
19:31 What trends do you see in gardening and the world today?
24:08 How do you determine topics for upcoming episodes?
25:51 Can you use LED Christmas lights as a grow light?
27:03 Will hot tap water damage the azomite?
28:03 Why do we need to rotate compost?
28:47 How long does it take to make compost out of kitchen waste?
30:00 Do you have to spin your composter every day?
30:24 Can you use Gypsum Powder instead of Rock Powder or Rock Dust?

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