Easiest Way to Make Fermented Vegetables without Mold


John from shares with you the easiest way he has discovered to make fermented vegetables ever. In this episode, you will discover how you can ferment all your vegetables without chopping, food processing or cutting any of your vegetables by using a K&K Keramik German-Made Ceramic Fermentation Crock. Once fermented many vegetables will store easily for up to a year in the proper conditions.

Fermentation is one of John’s preferred methods for preserving his harvest and in this episode, John will show you how he first harvests fresh cabbage and napa cabbage from his garden and then how easy it is to ferment your vegetables.

You will discover how you can get a perfect ferment every single time by using the right combinations of vegetables and salt water brine with a german made fermentation crock wth air lock.

After watching this episode you will learn one of the secrets of the ages that will save you both time and money in the kitchen and allow you to eat the most probiotic food that you have cultured straight from your garden.

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