Earthworms Make Nature’s Best Fertilizer FREE for Your Garden


John from goes on a field trip to Kokua Worms in Honolulu, Hawaii to share with you how important earthworms are to your organic garden.

In this episode, you will learn about three different types of worms that you can use in your garden to provide your soil and plants benefits such as: fertility, diversity, aeration and more by simply adding the right kind of earthworms into your organic garden or on your farm.

You will also learn about 3 different types of worm homes aka worm factories so you can keep your own worms at home to compost your food scraps.

You will also learn tips on how to properly feed your worms so you do not get smelly, rotten food when making your own vermicastings.

Next, John will talk about the benefits of using the vermicastings in your soil and how they can be used to brew your own compost tea to spread out the biodiversity of microbes including beneficial bacteria and fungi in your garden or on your farm. You will also learn if leachate (what comes out of the worm factory) is the same as compost tea.

Finally, John will recommend some books on gardening or farming using the power of earthworms as well as other microbes that are living in the soil so you can have the most fertile soil in your garden without having the continually purchased bagged or boxed chemical or synthetic fertilizers.

After watching this episode, you will want to purchase some worms and get them in your garden as soon as you are able to reap the benefits of these amazing earthlings that should exist in your soil.

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