Doctors Grow and Eat Plants for the Most Health Benefits


John from goes on a field trip to visit his friends, Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C. home, who he helped them build and start to grow their vegetable garden in 2010. In this episode, you will get the 6 year update on how their garden is growing, and what they are still growing this time of year.

You will discover the Dina’s favorite vegetable they grow that provides them year-round nutrient-dense food to eat year round that has been growing for 6 years.. You will discover how easy it is to propogate purple perennial tree collards by taking tip cuttings, and putting them in water until they root and then transplanting them into 4″ pots. You will also discover why they started this year making their compost and how they can ensure it is ready sooner rather than later.

Finally, John will interview Dr. Rick Dina, D.c. and ask him the following questions:
16:10 Why did you decide to start gardening and grow your own food?
17:40 Why are Tree Collards Greens so important?
19:14 Why should people grow and eat leafy greens?
23:10 Can you get enough protein from greens and other foods from your garden?
24:25 How can someone eat more greens in their diet?
28:25 Why is eating more plants important?
31:41 What dietary lifestyle do you recommend to people?
36:53 Tell me more about the upcoming free health summit you and your wife are having?
39:36 Any final tips for my viewers?
41:08 How can people get ahold of you for nutritional consulting?

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Update from Dr. Rick and Dr Karin’s Garden in late 2010

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Update after 1 year in their Garden May 2011

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