Desjardins unveils the tallest indoor living wall in the world


The new Desjardins building in Lévis houses the tallest interior living wall in the world. The artwork, “The Currents”, was designed by Green over Grey, a design firm specialized in the creation of living walls (aka green walls or vertical gardens). For this project, they drew inspiration from the views of the St. Lawrence River visible from Quebec City and Lévis.


• More than 11,000 individual plants artfully arranged according to colour, texture, pattern and size covering a 15-storey wall of the new building at 150 Rue des Commandeurs in Lévis.
• Plants are growing in a hydroponic system (i.e. soil free) made of 100% synthetic recycled materials.
• Green over Grey eco friendly panels are built from 1.5 metric tons of recycled water bottles and plastic bags.
• The living wall is 213 feet high (65 meters) with a total surface area of 2,139 square feet (198 square metres).

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