Desert Theatre Nursery Cactus, Succulents & Euphorbia


This video was all filmed at Desert Theater Nursery in Hidden Meadows,CA in Northern San Diego County in California. I wanted to share it with anyone who loves plants or designs with plants. This nursery and the unique plants in it are truly inspiring to me as a plant designer. The forms, textures and colors of these plants are so different than what we can usually use in Northern California it was a breath of fresh air for someone who is always looking for the next cool plant.

If you are interested in finding out more about the nursery check out their website The owner is Brandon Bullard and he can be reached at 760 594-2330. The plants are field grown and grown in containers and they will deliver if the order size warrants it. If you’re in the area and want to be blown away by the diversity of cactus and succulents over 9 acres make a point of contacting Brandon and stopping by. He does that by appointment so please contact him first.
The nursery specializes in Cactus, Euphorbia and Succulents of all kinds.

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