Cultivating Weeds to Grow More Food in Less Garden Space


John from shares with you how he grows more food in less space by cultivating food crops normally considered weeds as well as encouraging volunteer plants that he will grow vertically to maximize production in his small tract home residential backyard.

First, John will share how he actively promotes growing edible weeds amongst his vegetables to maximize production in his raised bed gardens during the early season. You will also learn about some of the edible weeds that like to reseed themselves on their own in John’s garden.

Next, he will talk about volunteer vegetable plants that grow where they want in his garden, and why this can be very beneficial to gardeners and how he uses these “weeds” to his benefit. You will learn how he specifically stakes, trains, and trellises his volunteer tomatoes to grow where he wants them to grow. He will show you how to single stem prune a tomato plant.

Finally, John will show you another example of how he grew a rogue striped armenian cucumber plant that grew amongst his peppers that would normally out compete his peppers. Instead he grow the vines up and over a walkway to provide him with more food without significantly affecting the yield of his pepper harvest.

Finally, John will share some of his insight about gardening to grow your own food, and his tip on the best method for resolving conflicts between plants and people.

After watching this episode, you will better learn how to maximize your yields and nutrition by growing more edible weeds and volunteer crops in your garden.

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