Compost Tea Recipe to Grow BIG Vegetables Revealed


John from shares with you the secret compost tea recipe that will enable you to grow BIG vegetables, herbs, fruits, trees and other plants using natural, organic methods in your garden.

In this episode, John visits the World Headquarters of the Boogie Brew Compost tea company and interviews the master compost tea formulator, Josh Cunnings. Josh will release his world class compost tea recipe into open source that will empower everyone to brew your way to a greener thumb today!

First you will get a tour of the Boogie Brew Company headquarters and then John will interview Josh in the “Boogie Bunker” where every batch of of Boogie Brew Veeganic Compost Tea is hand made in the USA.

You will learn why no manure or other animal products are used in this vegan compost tea recipe. You will also discover all the specific ingredients that go into making a world class compost tea, and learn why each ingredient is crucial to making a well balanced compost tea that is sure to make your plants dance. You will also learn the approximate ratios of the different ingredients that will empower you to take this award winning compost tea recipe and potentially make it even better!

Next John will share where you can purchase the individual ingredients to make your own world class compost tea.

Finally John will share a pre-negotiated Boogie Brew Compost Tea Brew kit that includes everything you need to start brewing this world class compost tea if you dont want to have to mix up the bulk ingredients yourself.

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