Companion Planting Carrots and Onions To Stop Carrot Fly – FAIL!


This year has been a difficult year in the garden because it has hardly stopped raining. That hasn’t stopped the weeds growing, though. Honestly these carrots and onions have been weeded many times – but the weeds finally gained the upper hand sometime last Wednesday afternoon…

Every year we grow carrots and every year they get carrot fly – we’ve grown them under nets, behind low walls and in fresh places – and the flies find them every time. This year (even though we really knew it was only a myth) we planted rows of onions in between the carrots. The results are clear. At least now we can say we tried it AND IT DOESN’T WORK!

We don’t really mind the carrot flies and their larvae – we just grow far more than we need and cut the dodgy bits out. The rabbits will be happy.

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