Chef Buys Organic Permaculture Farm to Grow his own Living Pantry


John from goes on a field trip to Three Sisters Farm in Homestead, Florida to share with you this Certified Organic Permaculture farm.

In this episode, John will first give you a tour around the farm, and take you through the fruit tree orchards and share many of the different fruits and vegetables they are growing to feed the local community.

You will discover some of the carbohydrate rich crops they grow at the Three Sisters Farm which includes Taro, Cassava & Sweet Potatoes. You will also discover a plethora of leafy greens and fruits they grow.

You will learn about the #1 anti-inflammatory root vegetable that everyone should grow and how you can easily grow it yourself. You will discover how the Chickens at Three Sisters farm are truly “free range” chickens and not “free range” according to industry definitions.

John will share with you many tropical edible plants that are easily grown in South Florida that Three Sisters Farm use in their farm-to-table dinners and brunches.

Finally, John will sit down with Chef Jon Gambino, the owner of the farm, and learn why Jon purchased the farm, and how they keep the farm running with just a crew of 4 people.

You will also learn more about Permaculture Farm Tours, Permaculture Classes, Fruit Stand, Food Truck and the Farm-To-Table events that are held at the farm.

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