Carrot In Winter Kitchen Garden Growing Zone 10


Carrots are a common winter garden crop that has been suggested in the area we grow in. They are said to be high in nutritional value and once they are established, they are easy to grow to be very large. I have found the hardest part of growing carrots is keeping the small starts growing in raised beds after germination. These carrots were sown in September and it is now January.

Winter Purple Carrots
I also believe that this large winter purple carrot we left after harvesting the others will continue to grow through the second year and produce flowers which will then be used as seed for next year’s crop. Be careful not to plant the carrots in raised beds that are too short because this will stunt the growth of the carrot at the bottom. Also, plant the carrots 8 inches or even more like 13 inches apart so they have plenty of room to grow to their full potential.

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