British man grows garden in sealed bottle not watered in over 40 years


An eighty-year old man in the UK has grown a garden in a sealed bottle, claiming that he hasn’t watered it since 1972.
David Latimer decided to start a bottle garden on Easter Sunday back in 1960. So, he got himself a 10-gallon globular bottle, poured some compost at the bottom and used a piece of wire to carefully lower a seedling in. And believe it or not, he only watered the plant once more in 19-72 and never again after that. So what’s the secret? Well, it’s pretty simple: The plant has been extremely successful at creating its own mini ecosystem. Using the little water that David gave the plant 42 years ago, it has managed to get a water cycle going inside the bottle. The water is taken up by the roots, released into the air through transpiration, condenses down into the potting mixture and the cycle repeats itself. Latimer hopes to pass on this ongoing experiment to his grown children when he is gone.

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