Beyond Sustainable Farm Grows More than Vegetables to Feed Community


John from visits Green Row Farms, a Beyond Sustainable Farm that is growing using Regenerative Agriculture techniques that gives Organic Farm tours on Oahu, Hawaii.

In this episode, you will discover why simply sustainable farming is not really sustainable for the long haul, and how this farm is diverting local waste streams into the farm to build soil fertility, grow vegetables and feed the chickens at the same time. You will also discover how worms are being used to create some of the best fertility on the farm. You will learn how they are creating the greatest benefit from their worm castings by brewing a compost tea to only enhance the diversity of microorganisms on their farm. You will also discover how the farm is using wood chips to control weeds and create a beneficial soil ecology rich in fungal activity. You will also learn a unique system to feed produce scraps from a local grocery store to the chickens to keep them fed that will encourage faster nutrient cycling.

You will also discover why this farmer decided to stop tilling his fields and go with no-till agriculture which he found to work significantly better in his environment.

Next, you will get a peek inside the greenhouse and learn how the farmer is growing baby leafy greens with minimal pest damage and how he can offer the freshest and living greens at the farmers market by growing in concrete mixing tubs that are available near you.

Finally John will sit down with Sean the farmer and learn why he started the farm and more information on what is he cultivating on the farm besides just vegetables. You will also discover the farmers primary mission and method on how plans to do his part to change the food system in Hawaii and beyond.

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