Best Seed Starting Soil Mix Made with Coconut Coir + More


John from takes you on a field trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to share with you a company that is making soil just 1 mile from the famous Las Vegas sign. Wondersoil is a soil that can be used as a soil-less grow medium or added to your garden soil to make it even better. They also create unique coconut coir based blends used for seed starting, patching holes, seeding lawns, filling gopher holes and more.

In this episode you will learn how the wondersoil works and what sets it apart from other coconut coir based products that are currently available. You will then get a how-its-made style tour of the wonder soil facility to learn how they actually make the wonder soil in las vegas using the finest organic (and non organic) ingredients to get proven results.

Finally, John will share how you can purchase a special organic wondersoil seed starting mixture that he helped to formulate that includes his favorite soil ammendments such as worm gold plus worm castings, rock dust, kelp and more.

To get the special deal go to:

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