Best Products for Gardening at Gardeners Supply Tour


John from goes on a field trip to Gardeners Supply Company in Burlington, Vermont to share with you some of the best products that will allow you easily grow more food at home.

In this company store tour, John will show you around their flagship retail store and all the products he likes that makes homesteading and growing your food easy.

First, John will share some of his favorite tools for harvesting, storing, processing, and preserving foods.

Next, he will head out to the demonstration garden at Gardener’s Supply company and share many of the different raised bed kits, self-watering containers, earth box-like grow boxes with integrated tomato cage / trellis and also an elevated raised bed garden so you can garden while sitting or on a patio.

Next, John will head back into the store and you will learn about several different types of trellis systems, holders to put your pumpkins and melons so they don’t rot due to bug damage.

You will next discover about a self-watering seed starting setup that includes lighting.

John will then share with you his favorite organic pest controls that he uses in his garden.

He will share tools with you that allow to extend your growing system, then show you some cool water wands and water-saving shut off valves.

John will then share with you not only bird houses, but also butterfly houses, mason bee homes and bat home.

Finally, John will share with you the best way you can grow food inside your house in the winter, or any time of year by growing sprouts and microgreens.

After watching this episode, you will learn about many of the top gardening products on the market today, as well as learn a bunch of gardening tips and tricks you can use to be more effective to grow your own food at home.

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