Best Products at a Farm Supply Store for Maximum Yield


John from visits the farm supply cooperative in Hilo , Hawaii to share with you his favorite products to produce the maximum yields from your garden or farm.

In this episode, John shares with you this unique member-owned, not for profit farm store in Hilo, Hawaii that supports the local community by supplying farms and homeowners organic and conventional fertilizers and pesticides as well as pots, tools and more. You will also learn how you don’t have to pay sales tax on your fertilizer and nutrient purchases on the big island.

John will walk around the store and share his favorite products with you that will allow you to grow the biologic organic nutrient dense style that john uses to grow his gardens and will use on a farm one day. First, you will discover about the importance of the microbes and how you can add them to your garden as they are your FREE workforce that work to break down nutrients and make them available for your plant. Next, you will learn about rock dust, and some alternatives that will add a wide spectrum of trace minerals into your soil. Next you will discover some of John’s favorite organic pest controls to control bugs and pests in the garden.

Next, John will talk about moving towards organic farming from conventional farming and provide some options for people that want to replace their chemical fertilizers with a more natural and organic one. John will next share some of his other favorite products you can use to create a more diverse soil ecology that will encourages the highest yields. You will learn about organic alternatives for a high nitrogen fertilizer and an organic alternative for a high Phosphorus fertilizer.

Finally John will share some of his favorite tools including small net pots that can be used for hydroponics or aquaponics, a closed tray that can be used to grow microgreens in your home, as well as a machete and a special tool used for harvesting papayas.

After watching this episode, you will learn about many of the nutrients and organic pest controls that John uses in his very garden and how you can purchase them in Hilo, Hawaii on the Big Island at the lowest prices possible.

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