Best Organic Sea Fertilizer that You Can Eat!


John from shares with you the organic certified fertilizer from the sea that will increase growth, yield and nutrition of the crops that you can Eat!

In this episode, filmed at the 4th Annual National Heirloom Expo you will learn about the power of adding fertility from the ocean into your home garden the least expensive way possible. The oceans contain 90+ trace minerals and when you are able to put these sea mineral solids into your garden, your crops will respond. Standard agriculture and most gardeners are only concerned with putting only 3 minerals N-P-K back into their soil which I believe is a setting yourself up for disaster. In this episode you will discover the power of the sea-90 trace mineral product that allows you to remineralize your garden to get the highest production, yields and grow the healthiest food at the lowest cost.

You will learn the proper dilution ratios to ensure you do not give your plants too much of this organic fertilizer, as we discover less can be more and the mere presence of the trace minerals in your soil is one of the most important things to growing high quality, nutritious fruits and vegetables. You will also learn how this sea fertilizer can be applied to your garden, as a root drench, or via foliar application.

You will also discover how the sea-90 water soluble fertilizer can be added to wheat grass, sprouts and microgreens to increase their growth and increase the nutrition of the food grown in this organic fertilizer from the sea.

You will also discover how this organic fertilizer can also be used for livestock and your family and hear some testimonials on how it can make your livestock get more of the nutrition they need to flourish.

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