Best of EcoFarm 2015 Tour including Personal BioChar Maker & More


John from attends the 35th Annual EcoFarm Conference put on by the Ecological Farming Association and gives you a tour and review of the event. You will learn first hand what it is like to attend some of the events at EcoFarm Conference that takes place at Asilomar every year.

In this episode, John will show you around the EcoFarm Conference including sharing the seed exchange as well as the exhibitor area to share with you the best exhibitors for the event.

The products and exhibitors shown are:
Personal Biochar Stove – Make your own biochar at home! from learn more at:

Aquasap – Water soluble Seaweed fertilizer that is made without chemical additives that is more sustainable than Kelp.

Austrian Engineered Compost at the Herbert Family Farm – Learn more about this compost and system of creating the best compost bar-none.

Controlled Microbial Compost Information

Johnny Seeds – for microgreen seeds, gardening seeds and more

Industrial Hemp its products and Hemp Shield a non-toxic hemp based finish for raised beds, decks, etc

Also mentioned
Baker Creek Seeds

Heirloom Expo

Finally John will share his personal notes from several of the workshops about what he learned at the EcoFarm Conference 2015 including topics on: Permaculture vegetable gardening, IPM of Ants and Spiders, Building Soil, No Till Farming, Making Compost, and much, much more.

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