Best of Eco Farm 2016 including New Rock Dust & More


John from attends the 36th Annual EcoFarm Conference put on by the Ecological Farming Association and gives you a tour and review of the event. You will learn first hand what it is like to attend some of the events at EcoFarm Conference that takes place at the Asilomar conference center in Northern California every year.

In this episode, John will show you around the EcoFarm Conference including sharing the seed exchange as well as the exhibitor area to share with you the best exhibitors for the event.

Exhibitors Visited:
15:05 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
16:02 Heirloom Expo
18:38 Natural Resource Conservation Service http:/
20:18 Sea Agri Trace Minerals
28:41 Eon Micro Rock Dust Trace Minerals
32:29 Dynamax Real Time Plant Sensors
35:09 Aquasap – High K water soluble Seaweed Powder
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Finally John will share his personal notes from several of the workshops about what he learned at the EcoFarm Conference 2015 including topics on: Manage Crop Nutrient Levels to Manage Disease, Hoophouses and how to get the governtment to pay for it. Farmacology, Sanblasting Weeds, No Till Farming 102, Organic Herbicides and Pesticides and much, much more.

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