Best Indoor Self Watering Seed Starting Pot for Beginners


John from shares with you the best reusable self-watering indoor or outdoor seed starting pot that will germinate and grow up to 12 seedlings or cuttings.

In this episode, John unboxes the Orta Kitchen Garden 12 Pack Self Watering Seed Starting Pot and explains how it gives your seedlings just enough water to grow without overwatering or underwatering your seedlings, a common problem when germinating seeds.

You will discover how easy it is to use this non-plastic, low tech method for starting seeds to get guaranteed success with starting your seeds indoors or outdoors every single time.

John will demonstrate how he starts his seeds in this reusable ceramic self watering container and how you can forget about watering for 1-2 weeks because the Orta Kitchen Garden is watering for you, automatically.

After watching this episode, you will learn the best and easiest way to start your seeds successfully every single time by simply using a ingenious self watering terracotta pot.

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