Best Indoor Garden for Beginners: Aerogarden 7 LED Review


John from shares with you the easiest way to grow an indoor garden if you dont have green thumbs… The Aerogarden 7 LED model allows even beginners with no gardening experience the opportunity to garden successfully.

In this episode, John’s girlfriend will set up her first garden ever.. The Aerogarden 7 LED so she can start growing food. John will share the play-by-play about the unboxxing and set up of the Aerogarden as well as share his opinions on this hydroponic growing system.

You will discover how easy it is to start your own garden in the Aerogarden as well as all the steps required to set it up yourself. You will learn some of the features you will want to look for when purchasing an Aerogarden should you decide to purchase one and much, much more.

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