Best Indoor Composting Method & More Gardening Q&A


John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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03:06 What vegetables should I grow if Im starting a container garden on a budget?
06:46 Any recommendations for compost or vermicomposting indoors?
10:23 What is better to make worm compost or thermal compost?
12:19 My collards and kale are over 5 feet and 6 feet tall. Is this normal?
13:56 Can I add rock dust and worm castings to the planting hole?
16:03 What about Greensand and Rock Phosphours?
17:02 What are your thoughts on blood meal and bone meal?
17:50 What are your thoughts on using alfalfa, hay, cardboard or newspaper as a mulch?
19:02 How should I clear 1 acre of land to start growing vegetables?
21:36 Can I make my own rock dust?
25:30 What are your opinions on using wood chips to grow a garden?

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