Backyard Aquaponics Made from 100% Plywood without Liner


John from shares with you a suburban backyard aquaponics system that is built using mostly local available materials near you! This aquaponics system was constructed out of 100% plywood for the fish tank and grow beds without PVC pond liner.

You will discover one innovative way to grow food in your backyard or even rooftop using the power of aquaponics, growing fish and vegetables that work in a system where one enables the other to flourish.

In this episode, John visits Coggins Gardens, in Henderson (Las Vegas), Nevada to share with you how Scott is growing food on his 6000 square foot lot using aquaponics. Scott is not only growing fish, but also plenty of vegetables to feed him and his family healthy home grown food but also for food security and build community resilience.

You will discover the important aspects of an aquaponics system in this episode along with how this system was built using a special design using only plywood and a special paint to make the wood waterproof. You will also discover the mostly untalked about backbone of an aquaponic system besides just the fish and the plants… the living filter system… the microbes that empower this system to work properly.

You will also learn about the conversion that takes place of the fish waste including poop and pee into a plant fertilizer and how to measure these to ensure your aquaponics system is working properly so you can grow plants that will thrive even through the hot summers of Las Vegas.

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Further information on the State of Nevada Makes Growing Fish Illegal: It is a class E felony to have a Game Fish that is alive in the State of Nevada… a big blow to aquaponics.

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