Attract Backyard Birds


Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to attract birds to your backyard with a bird feeder! Begin bird watching from the comfort of your own home by providing three basic needs to attract birds of all sorts to your backyard. Offer a large variety of food options to draw in the widest range of bird types. Cardinals prefer to eat sunflower seeds, while chickadees eat black oil sunflower seeds, and blue jays favor shelled peanuts. A good-quality mixed bird seed will also attract a large crowd to your backyard. The bird feeders are just as important as the food in some ways, as there are four different types of birdfeeders specific to different bird types. There are two different tube types, one which is used for large seeds and the other for small seeds. Hopper feeders, suet feeders, and platform feeders are bird feeders to consider when deciding which birds you are trying to look for. Shelter is another important factor for backyard birds, who will be more likely to stick around between meals if there is a protective place to rest. Evergreen trees, shrubs, and even brush piles provide perfect hiding places for your flying friends. Constant access to fresh water is key when designing and maintaining an ideal backyard bird environment. This becomes especially important during the winter months when most natural sources are frozen. Try investing in a heated bird bath or even using a small heater to prevent the water from freezing. Creating the ideal habitat for birds using these three tips will allow you and your family to observe a range of birds throughout the entire year!

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