An Entertaining Look at Clean-Air Plants in Shopping Malls


The clip from this show was made at a time when smoking was allowed indoors! Bob B. Green,of the fictitious SPCMIAA, waxes on respect and appreciation for our living and air-cleaning friends that live in shopping malls. This rarely discussed subject is a light-hearted segment that was a lot of fun to make.
For lots of good information about houseplants, go to “The Indoor Garden Blog”:

This was videotaped in the early 90’s at White Flint Mall in Rockville, MD. The mall is currently going out of business and will
be replaced with a mix of retail stores and residences.

Jim Epstein is a great personal friend and actor. He currently resides in Silver Spring, MD

For all kinds of good information on houseplants, go to “The Indoor Garden” blog:

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