Allotment Diary Sept 4 : Veg plot, polytunnel greenhouse & Giant veg gardening update


The latest update from the Allotment veg gardening plot.
The weather is cooling down and things are being harvested.
The tomatoes are ripening up well now in the greenhouse and the chillies and peppers are still growing steadily.
The cabbages are getting even bigger but the later Winter savoys are at about the right stage.
Still a few lettuuce left growing and just the Sarpo Mira Potatoes now which are blight resistant.
The giant Marrows are behind last year due to the colder weather but might still make 60 pounds.
The Kale continues to grow like a triffid and the turnips are growing fast.
In the polytunnel the garlic and shallots are drying out now ready for storing.
The show carrots look OK but I won’t know until I pull them up.
Got an odd giant tomato still growing and also a couple more of the giant carrots.
Happy Gardening
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