Allotment Diary : Planting this years Garlic. How to grow Garlic.


March 1st and it’s time for me to plant this years Garlic out on the allotment.
The weather’s been so wet over the winter that the soil isn’t ideal but they need to be planted nonetheless.
I don’t plant in Autumn like some as my soil is too wet over Winter and they’d just die.
We still get enough cold weather at this time of the year for the garlic to get some coldness it needs and make it split separate cloves.
I use my best bulbs from last years Garlic crop and split them into individual cloves, then plant only the biggest of these, usually the ones around the edge of the bulb.
It couldn’t be easier, just push a clove into the soil so that the tip is about an inch below the surface.
I add 4 0z of blood fish and bone fertilizer per yard and this does them for the whole season.
Early to mid August and they should be ready to harvest.
Dead easy.
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