Allotment Diary : Planting the first Potatoes of the year : Small container test


Planting out and growing a few container pots of early potatoes this year.
I’m using some smaller 12 litre pots this time with just 1 seed potato in each to see what results I get.
This is just a test to try and get some really early potatoes, the main ones will be planted in April, these will be grown indoors as long as possible and then put in the greenhouse and polytunnel and protected from any frost.
Just using regular compost and adding 1 oz of fertilizer to the pot.
The potato variety is Charlotte, a French salad type which you harvest really small and eat whole.
I prefer them to Jersey Royals and they don’t cost as much either.
Hopefully I can remove the whole plant from the pot, take the mature potatoes off and then re plant the whole thing and let the smaller potatoes grow a bit bigger.
That’s the idea anyway.
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