Allotment Diary : Planting out the first vegetable plants on the plot.


Planting out the first vegetable plants of the year into their final growing positions up at the allotment plot.
After the coldest Spring in memory the weather has finally warmed up enough for some of the veg to be planted outside.
Tha Cabbages & Kale are big enough to go outside and are planted up to the seed leaves and firmed in.
The lettuces are planted about 12″ apart in the polytunnel and outside.
The peas are finally planted out after a disasterous start trying to grow old seed that was dead.
The French Beans have been planted in the polytunnel and should grow away well in the warm weather now.
Still have some things growing in the greenhouse to be planted out later, but it’s just good to finally get some veg planted in the garden.
The potatoes in pots should be ready in a couple of weeks inside the greenhouse
Happy Gardening.

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