Allotment Diary : New Compost Tea Garden Bio Brewer Kit Test Run


The first try out of my new Compost Tea brewer or Garden Bio Brewer.
This was recommended to me by a top veg grower who has almost completely eradicated all his pests and diseases since using it a few years ago.
The thought is that there are billions of beneficial soil bacteria, fungi, plant growth hormones etc that once brewed up in the presence of oxygen multiply and then can be added to the soil or sprayed onto the leaves of plants.
It’s a completely Organic product and benefits the plant and soil alike.
The bacteria strengthens the plants and increases nutrient uptake and the microbes can fight off diseases like mould or botrytis when sprayed on the leaves.
Whether or not it works as well as it is supposed to we’ll see later in the season but hopefully it will increase the yields of vegetables and improve the disease situation.
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