Allotment Diary Mid July Vegetable Plot, Greenhouse & Polytunnel update & 1st Outdoor Potato Harvest


The latest update on the veg growing from the allotment, greenhouse, and polytunnel.

In the Greenhouse the Tomatoes, Chillies, Cucumbers & Peppers are growing well and forming plenty of fruit and almost ready to start harvesting.

Up at the allotment the cabbages are growing really quickly considering they are a later maturing Savoy type and a red variety.

The peas are almost ready to pick with the odd pod now full.

The lettuce are growing way too fast to eat them all and I’m going to have to start giving some away.

The garlic is doing OK but is slow to bulb so I’m feeding with some high potash fertilizer to help make the bulbs a bit bigger.

The giant marrows are growing well but the risk of gale force winds this weekend is a bit worrying as I’m not sure they’ll survive.

The onions are doing OK and the remaining ones that didb’t go to seed seem to be bulbing up now.

In the polytunnel the courgettes and beans are growing like mad now and are being harvested frequently.

The giant onion is still growing albeit slowly, fingers crossed it grows for another month or so.

Harvested the first of the outdoor container grown potatoes and was surprised at the amount I got.

That’s about it folks..

Happy Gardening.

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