Allotment Diary June 1st : Plot Polytunnel & Greenhouse update plus other veg


Another fortnightly tour and things have grown on amazingly with the warmer weather.
In the Greenhouse the tomato plants are getting on for 3 ft tall with flowers on now and all the peppers and chillies are growing well.
The first small cucumbers are starting too.
Up on the allotment I have planted out my giant pumpkin and marrow plants.
The potatoes are getting huge now and the cabbages are doing OK.
The peas re climbing up the supports now and I have a few lettuce that are almost ready.
In tho polytunnel the exhibition onions and carrots are growing well and the giant onions are getting huge already.
French beans are climbing the canes and the squashes and courgettes are growing well in the heat.
So all in all everythings doing pretty well.
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