Allotment Diary July 1st : Veg Gardening update, Time to Harvest & Surprising Potato Crop


The latest vegetable gardening update from my allotment plot , polytunnel and greenhouse.
Summer seems to have arrived with some very high temperatures which is benefitting some of the vegetable but hindering others.
In the greenhouse the tomatoes are growing well with plenty of fruit set, but the high temperatures are making the plants wilt somewhat during the day, but they recover when it cools down in the evening.
Similarly the cucumbers, they wilt and recover, but are still producing some good sized fruit now.
Had a surprising crop of potatoes from the previously harvested crop that I replanted just to see what would happen.
I was very surprised.
The chilli plants are loving the heat and aren’t bothered by the heat.
Over on the allotment the peas are in full bloom now so we should get a really good crop within a few weeks.
The cabbages are growing well but suffering a bit of slug damage.
Lettuce are being harvested now and are growing well.
The Garlic has perked up and looks good, just need it to start to form the bulbs.
The potatoes are growing well but in need of some water as I don’t have any spare on the plot I hope it rains soon.
In the polytunnel the French beans are flowereing and should have beans set soon.
The courgettes are producing well and more cucumber plants seem to be growing well.
The giant onion is getting big now as are the carrots and tomato plants.
The Giant Marrows are doing OK and hopefully will set a fruit or two within the next few weeks.
So everything is doing well so far .
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