Allotment Diary Jan 27th : Preparing the Exhibition Show Carrot Growing Mixture


One job that needs doing is the riddling and sieving of hundreds of litres of compost if I have any chance of growing any decent Show Carrots this year.
I made my self a big riddle/sieve out of some 6mm mesh which means that I can do big batches at a time instead of taking hours to do it using a small sieve.
This sieved compost is then mixed in a cement mixer with simply 5 oz of Calcified seaweed powder containing lots of trace elements and Magnesium and hopefully this should grow some good carrots later in the year.
This is the mix to use if growing in bore holes or containers as the carrot won’t hit any lumps which can make them fork.
It is,I admit a faff,but the work is worth it if all goes well and you are pulling perfect specimens out later in the year.
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