Allotment Diary : How to grow potatoes in containers for an earlier crop


Growing some very early potatoes in containers for hopefully a super early crop in about 80 days.
I grow them in 30 litre container pots with about 15 litres of compost, into which 4 oz of blood fish & bone fertilizer is mixed.
Then I push 2 seed potatoes, these are Rocket to within 3″ of the bottom and cover with compost.
Hopefully these should send shoots out of the soil within a few weeks in the relative warmth of a greenhouse or at home.
Then as the leaves grow, slowly fill up the pot with more compost leaving some leaves showing above the surface.
Then protect from frost using fleece or bubble wrap and hopefully in about 80 days there should be a few early new potatoes much earlier than the normal outside planted ones.
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