Allotment Diary : How to grow / plant Potatoes for Shows


How I grow my exhibition Potatoes for the Shows.
It’s dead easy, the main thing is to select a good variety for showing and Kestrel is the one.
I use 20 litre polypots and simply half fill with compost and mix 2 oz of fertilizer to this , then place one seed potato reduced to just 2 chits or sprouts in the bag about 2″ above the bottom of it.
Then fill up to the top and place in a furrow in the garden which has had a bit of extra fertilizer added.
And that’s about it, check the odd bag around August for the size of the potatoes and if you’re happy, cut off the tops and leave for a good 2-3 weeks so the skins harden off and aren’t damaged when harvesting.
I select the best spuds for showing and eat all the rejects, that’s why I grow, not only a good show variety, but also a great eating variety that is Kestrel.
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