Allotment Diary : How to grow Leeks : Planting out


Time to transplant the Leek plants into their final growing positions outside on the allotment.
I like to plant them out when they’re about 12-18″ tall into holes about 6″ deep.
The depth of the hole determines the length of the blanched stem you’ll get when harvesting.
If you don’t bury the stem then it’ll grow green and be bitter.
So , basically using a dibber, make a hole 6″ deep or deeper and simply drop a plant into the hole and water in ensuring you don’t fill the hole up with soil.
I plant them out quite close as I’m not bothered about them being too big and I like to clear the land by Winter time.
If you want bigger leeks then increase the planting spacings to a foot apart in the row and anything up to 2 feet between the rows to give them maximum space and let them grow as big as possible.

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